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Working groups

The Economy of Francis and the General Treasurer.

How the discussions of the young economists and the issues they raise impact us.
What does it mean to be a changemaker as a general treasurer who serves the mission of an institute.
What is our soul when it comes to the economy?

This is the list of the members who registered for the various discussion groups which we have proposed to discuss some of the themes proposed by the “young economists” :

(#1) Slow down the race, let the Earth breathe. This seems to be a call for a contemplative pause in order
to reflect more on the purpose or the ultimate goal of our work, and to see the real people along the way.
Why do we do what we do? In what ways do we or can we pause to let the Earth breathe? Are we peopleoriented

Jean Paul Muller **
Sr Yuka Arita
Paul Parackal
(#3) Stewardship of common goods. In what ways do we promote the sense of stewardship, the sense of
care for that which is not ours? How do we understand global common goods and how can we be better
stewards of these resources? How can we, from our place as treasurers, further the awareness of caring
for common global go

Didier Remiot **
Sr M Beata Regina Kapica
Sr Mary Alice Terrettaz
Marina Perumala
Katarzyna Kociach
Steve Zielinski

John Puodziunas **
Sr Regina George
Sr Joanna Fernandes
Jayamanne Malinie
Michael Mathew
Sr Roseline Marie Stanislas
(#5) Descent work for all. This seems an issue of the respect for workers. Our work and in fact our lives
are enriched by the collaborators we have in service of our mission. What values are evident, or lacking,
in how we treat our employees, how we compensate our employees? How can we, from our place as
treasurers, bring a greater awareness of respect for workers in the institutions of our institutes?

Sr Yolanda Borbon **
Sr Maryanne Hartford
Mery Malisan
(#8) Independent Ethics Committee. How do we understand and evaluate the impact of our work on the
poor, on the ecology, on matters of justice? In any of our investment programs, how are socially
responsible investment (SRI) values, or ecological, social and governance (ERG) criteria identified,
implemented and monitored?

Marie Ursino **
Michele Mifsud
Juan Acrina Gonzalez
David Donnay
Helen Harrington
Sr Roily Mathew
Thomas McClain SJ

We recommend that each group meets at least twice befor the next meeting of the association (May the 8th) where each group conclusions will be presented.

The member of the Executive Committee which belongs to each one of the groups will contact the other members to organize these meetings.

Happy Easter !