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Privacy Policy

Owner and Data Controller

The site is the site of the Association of English and French General Treasurers. This association has not been legally constituted. It is a “de facto” association.

The association is animated by an Executive Committee, of which the members are elected according to the Bylaws of the association.

The Website is under the responsibility of the Executive Committee.

The owner can be reached by sending an e-mail to:

Types of personal Data collected

In the front-page of the site is embedded a cookie of which the only goal is to collect technical data about the browser type and version used by the visitor in order to optimize his/her viewing experience. The collected information is not kept after the visitor leaves the site.

The site contains a data-base which lists the following information:

Information about the members:

  • Name of the order/congregation that has chosen to join the association
  • First and Last names of the General Treasurer
  • Contact information: postal address; home, office and cell phone number, fax number, e-mail address and which of the two langages used by the association is preferred
  • Payment of the yearly membership fee

The e-mail addresses of the members are automatically grouped into two mailing lists:

  • One for the English-speaking members
  • One for the French-speaking members

Executive Committee:

  • The names, positions and e-mail addresses of the members of the Executive Committee

Supplier’s information:

  • The site contains a “Resource” section where members can enter the name and contact information of suppliers.

Mode and place of processing the Data

The policy of the association is never to communicate any data from the site to any person outside of the membership of the association.

All information about the members is voluntarily introduced by the members themselves.

There is no processing of the data.

The data is not available to the general public.

Each member has his/her own password which will allow entrance into the website. After providing ID and PW, a member will be able to consult the contact information data of the other members. If a member has lost his/her password, he/she can apply for a new one. The new password will be sent through e-mail in an automatic way, nobody but the recipient of the e-mail having access to the new password.

Only the members of the Executive Committee own further rights to update the data of all or part of the site. These rights are set-up by the president of the association.

Only the President, Treasurer and assistant-treasurer of the association can consult/update the data about membership fee payment.

Retention time

The data shall be stored as long as one of the following events intervenes:

  • The congregation states its desire not to be a member of the association and requests the information about itself to be erased from the database;
  • The e-mail address is bounced because it is no longer operational. This will lead to the e-mail address being erased from mailing lists

The rights of Users

Users may exercise certain rights regarding their Data processed by the Owner.

In particular, Users have the right to do the following:

  • Withdraw their consent at any time. Users have the right to withdraw consent where they have previously given their consent to the processing of their Personal Data.
  • Access their Data. Users have the right to learn if Data is being processed by the Owner, obtain disclosure regarding certain aspects of the processing and obtain a copy of the Data undergoing processing.
  • Verify and seek rectification. Users have the right to verify the accuracy of their Data and ask for it to be updated or corrected.
  • Have their Personal Data deleted or otherwise removed. Users have the right to obtain the erasure of their Data from the Owner.
  • Lodge a complaint. Users have the right to bring a claim before their competent data protection authority.

How to exercise these rights

Any requests to exercise User rights can be directed to the Owner through the following e-mail address: These requests can be exercised free of charge and will be addressed by the Owner as early as possible and always within one month.

Changes to this privacy policy

The Owner reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time by giving notice to its Users on this page and possibly within this Application and/or—as far as technically and legally feasible—sending a notice to Users via any contact information available to the Owner. It is strongly recommended to check this page often, referring to the date of the last modification listed at the bottom.

Should the changes affect processing activities performed on the basis of the User’s consent, the Owner shall collect new consent from the User, where required.