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Next AEFSGT meeting: March 30th

    Our next plenary meeting will be on Wednesday March the 30th at 4pm at Casa Immacolata as usual.

    We hope to see you then and please, register on the website.

    There is the possibility to participate via zoom as well. (The link is

    Our website does not allow, when registering to specify whether you’ll be present or follow through Zoom. Should you plan on attending through ZOOM, on top of registering on the site, please send an e-mail to Didier to say so.

    The topic of the meeting will be “Formation of Treasurers at all levels: local, provincial and general”.


    4.00 p.m. Registration
    4.15 p.m. Welcome
    4.30 p.m. Small groups discussions
    5.30 p.m. Break
    5.50 p.m. Plenary Session – Reporting on the four questions
    6.20 p.m. Wrap up, synthesis
    6.50 p.m. Prayer
    7.00 p.m. Dinner (optional)

    We will first have small groups for discussions and each will take up on four questions, answering from their experience or dreams/wishes::

    How to convince the religious and leaders of the need for formation of treasurers?
    How to implement such a formation program?
    What is the content of the formation
    Next steps that each member who like to in this area ?

    See you soon!