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Fall plenary meeting

Dear all,

We hope you have not forgotten that our association will hold its first plenary meeting on Saturday September the 25th.

The meeting will be held in presence. But we will also provide the possibility of attending through ZOOM between 10:45 and 1:00pm. If you intend to attend the meeting through Zoom, please send a message to Lissy (

This will be the meeting schedule:

Registration will open at 8h45.
mass (for those who would like to attend) at 9:00 am
10:00 am: small groups to share what are our main projects and concerns for the coming year.
10:45. We will have Mr. Pierre Fortin presenting to us the new regulation that apply in Italy to 3rd sector entities, Onlus and possibly General Houses. What is the content of the new regulations ? Which legal entity should respect that law ? What are the changes and how to implement them ?
12:15: presentation of the changes that the Executive Committee would like to bring to the association Bylaws.A ballot will be held through e-mails in the days following the meeting.
Please find here a presentation of these changes.

Of course, the meeting will be flollowed by an optional lunch.

Please register for the meeting (and lunch) as soon as possible.

We do hope to meet you soon !

The Executive Committee.