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Current Uploaded Documents

    View124cc-Ian Brady – Linking Mission with Resources.pdf View199c7-Meeting Draft English AEFSGT.pdf 
    View199ed-20200525 Presidents Report.pdf View19a94-Meeting Draft Italian AEFSGT.pdf 
    View19b04-For 1 Oct Meeting AEFSGT By-Laws (rev).pdf View19b10-20192020 Financial Report.pdf 
    View1e619-Report of president – 2022 General Assembly.docx View1e6cb-20220430-AEFSGT Financial Report 2022.pdf 
    View2a67-CICLSAL Powerpoint final 2018.pptx View2b8b-Spirituality of the treasurer.pdf 
    View9d85-MTD-MegatrendMap-Englisch-DIN-Format-Druck.pdf Viewb0bc-202112 AEFSGT Franciscan Economy.pptx 
    Viewc75f-ECONOMY OF FRANCESCO.pdf Viewc948-20210508 Presidents Report.docx 
    Viewca0a-2021.05.08 AEFSGT Treasurer’s Report.pdf Viewcccd-DECENT WORK FOR ALL.pptx 
    Viewcf24-Independent Ethics CommitteeR.pdf Viewcfd3-SLOW DOWN THE RACE,LET THE EARTH.pptx 
    Viewd050-Stewardship of Common Goods-1.pdf Viewd0c2-Stewardship of Common Goods-2.pdf 
    Viewd126-Stewardship of Common Goods-3.docx