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Annual Dues/Meeting Fees 2022-2023

    Annual membership of the Congregation: 60 € fees.
    (This annual fee entitles the member to participate in all meetings, with an unlimited number of guests of the Congregation [or the General Treasurer of the Congregation] who may participate in the meeting with the General Treasurers, the updates of the Association and access to the AFESGT website. There is no individual meeting fee for this type of membership.)
    Participation per meeting:  €20 per person per meeting attended, paid on the day of the meeting.
    (This allows attendance at meetings chosen, access to AFESGT website and Association updates after first meeting attended.)
    We will continue to offer the opportunity to stay for a meal after the meeting, but the cost for that meal must be paid at the time of the meeting.
    Members may pay their dues at the meeting, or if they prefer they may pay the Congregation membership dues through a GIROCONTO at the IOR/Vatican Bank.
    The IOR account number for the Association is  36278001.
    NB: If you are paying through IOR, please note the name of the treasurer for whom the Dues are being paid. This facilitates recording the payment.