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AEFSGT December meeting


    The next meeting of the association is getting closer! It will be held on Wednesday, December 15, starting at 4:00 pm. It will again be “mixed”: face-to-face for those who want to; by ZOOM for the others. The place of the meeting will be the usual one:

    Casa Maria Immacolata
    Via Ezio 28
    Near Lepanto stop, Metro linea A

    The main theme will be: “A fraternal economy; the experience of an institute. How to bring along the leadership ?”

    But it will also be our Christmas meeting: we will include an Advent prayer and invite all participants to stay after the meeting for a free Christmas meal as paid by the Association.

    You can now register for this meeting on our website. If you plan to attend the Christmas meal after the meeting, don’t forget to check the box that indicates your participation in the meal!

    Last time, there was a bit of confusion about registration. I’m trying to be clear:

    Everyone who plans to attend the meeting, whether in person or via Zoom, is invited to register on the site.
    Those who intend to participate through Zoom, in addition to registering on the site, are invited to send me an e-mail to let us know (the site does not currently allow you to register by specifying whether it is for a participation in person or through Zoom).
    Here is the planned course of the meeting:

    4:00 pm: registration.
    4:15 pm: Advent prayer
    4:30 pm: presentation by John Puodziunas on the experience of Franciscans in implementing the fraternal economy that Pope Francis encourages us to develop.
    5:15 pm: break
    5:45 pm: small groups discussion based on questions posed by John
    6:15 pm: return to the large assembly
    6:45 pm: conclusion
    7:00 pm : Christmas meal of the association.

    See you soon!

    Didier Remiot, A.A. (for the Executive Committee)