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1 October Meeting Agenda and Program

    We are happy to announce the upcoming meeting of the Association. It is scheduled for the 1st of October 2022. We want to highlight two items on the agenda:

    (1) The speaker during the meeting will be the Salesian econome, Jean Paul Muller. He is organizing and speaking at a large international congress for the Salesians set to take place here in Rome next week. He will be speaking about the central topics from the gathering, particularly on fashioning a sustainable economy. Here is the website for the congress: “Our Chance, Our Challenge

    (2) In the last part of the meeting, we want to review a proposal to pursue legal establishment as an Italian Association, which requires a change in our by-laws. This possibility has been discussed in recent years because of the increasing bureaucratic challenges working with the Vatican bank (IOR) when there is a change of leadership and in overall financial management without a codice fiscale. The proposed Italian and English changes to the Association By-Laws (a French translation still needs to be completed) have been posted to the website for your review, along with a cover memorandum that summarizes the changes required (DOCUMENTS page). The current by-laws in English and French are also available on the website.

    The overall program plan for the day is below. We hope you can join us!

    Registration is open on the website. For those seeking to participate via Zoom (meeting session begins at 9:45am), our website does not allow, when registering, to specify whether you’ll be present or follow through Zoom. Should you plan on attending through ZOOM, on top of registering on the site, please send an e-mail to Dave to say so ( We will send (and post) the Zoom link when it is set up.

    Place: Casa Maria Immacolata

    Via Ezio 28 (near Lepanto stop, Metro linea A)

    Date: October 1, 2022 (registration open at 8:45am)

    • 8.45 registration
    • 9.00 Mass
    • 9.45 meeting/welcome/new members etc.
    • 10.00 small group discussion: how was the last year strengths, weakness etc. & what do you look forward to
    • 10.45 tea break
    • 11.15 speaker (Jean Paul Muller, Salesian econome) and his presentation and QA
    • 12.30 discussion/presentation on bylaws to be updated
    • 12.50 closing comments and winding up
    • 1.00 lunch (optional)